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Lang1PC Computer Consulting and Service
Useful Tips

Check this page for tips that can improve the performance of your computer and give you ideas you can use with your system.

Protect your PC

  • Backup all your important data!!!!
  • Save all your important data to disk, CD, DVD, or tape!!!!
  • Make sure you have copies of all your important data!!!!
  • Have i said that enough??? OK, now....
  • Use up to date virus software
  • Use current security and performance updates from your manufacurer.
  • Use spam and pop-up blockers
  • Use an internet firewall
  • Run disk and OS utilities on a regular basis

Computer Operations

If your computer seems to be running slow, first run virus and disk utilities. Installing lots of programs can leave small 'stubs' running in the background. This can use up all of your ram before you even start using your computer. Also, the more programs that are open, the slower your system will run. If you have lots of programs installed and running in the background, or you use lots of programs at once, you should think of upgrading your ram and/or your motherboard to give you increased processing speed.

Maintenance Issues

Keep your laptop out of extreme hot and cold temperatures, which could affect its performance.

Depending on your situation, you should take the cabinet off your PC approximately once a year and blow out the dust that accumulates. This helps keep temperature down and the internal parts running optimally.

Be wary of spam and email attachments

Spam is unwanted email. One way to avoid the problem created just by opening some email is to not use the 'view preview pane' option in your email client. Instead, look at your list of emails and check the subject and sender. If neither makes or looks familiar, or is an obvious email advertisement, just right-click on the message and use the 'Delete' option.

Always treat e-mail attachments with caution. Because mass mailer worms hijack e-mail accounts and send messages to known contacts, messages sent by these types of viruses can initially appear to be legitimate. If you cannot confirm with the sender that a message is legitimate and that an attachment is safe, delete the message immediately. If you receive a questionable message that purports to be from Microsoft, you should be aware that Microsoft never distributes software through e-mail.


When you purchase a new printer, remember to add it to the list of printers for your computer. This will allow you to print on your new printer.

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